Unique Jewelry Creations

We Can Take Your Gold & Stones & Design Something Incredible For You

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Gold N' Designs Custom Jewelers

Working with the client to determine what is important
and how the piece will be worn has been the key to success since 1982.

Fashion Plus Functionality.

We Are A Custom Jewelry Shop.

All work is done here in our shop, Nothing is sent out.

These days & times, Being able to trust someone is priceless.
We want to do everything possible to assure you that we consider your business as a privilege.

Jewelry is a wonderful lasting Expression Of Love, Memories, Hopes, & Joy.

Every Piece Has A Precious Story.

Designing Objects Of Love Is Our Passion.


 Whether Your Style Is Classic Or Contemporary, Romantic, Modern, Avant-garde, Or Sentimental,  Your Jewelery Is A Reflection Of  Your Personal Taste And Individuality.

Some  Select Jewelry Based On The Latest Trends, While Others Choose Pieces That Are Timeless And Will Be Given To The Next Generation Of Jewelry Lovers.

Regardless Of How Fabulous The Jewelry, If The Piece Is Not Comfortable And Is Awkward To Wear, It Can Be Very Frustrating.

Designing Jewelry That Is A Joy To Wear Is What We Do.

Designing Art To Wear.

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